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Purple Cloud® has partnered with multiple VOIP providers to bring you the first ever phone system with call tracking built in!

All calls are tracked regardless of how they are made or received.

Set It and Forget It

Create and update extensions and DID’s in your phone system and they are automatically textable and tracked by Purple Cloud with calls showing up in Purple Cloud’s extensive reporting and your CRM and other analytics tools including DealerSocket, eLEAD, VinSolutions and many many more.

Click to call like no other

Your phone system’s, Purple Cloud’s, your CRM’s or any click-to-call technology can be used interchangeably, or you can simply pick up the phone and dial. All calls inbound or outbound are automatically tracked.

All In One Place

Phone system, call tracking, texting, chat, Facebook messenger... all communication in one omnichannel platform.

Half the price

VOIP-integrated Purple Cloud call tracking is typically half the price of traditional call tracking because the phone carrier fees have been cut in half.

Simply perfect. No tracking numbers. No required click-to-call widgets. No entering of employee ID.

Purple Cloud® combines chat, texting and call tracking with your phone system.


Call Tracking

Record all information (audio, transcription, source, customer contact info, etc.) for landline and cell phone calls.


All landlines are textable and all employee cell phone work texts are tracked.


Chats can be received from mobile and desktop websites and can be answered on behalf of dealer along with text messages.

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One platform, one-on-one conversations, everywhere you are.

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