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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Purple Cloud?

Purple Cloud is an application that enables easy communication between consumers and retailers.

Why does Purple Cloud require a Facebook login?

The easiest way to start a conversation is with one click. Using a Facebook login means you don't have to fill in a form.

Does Purple Cloud post on my wall?

No, we never post on your Facebook wall.

What information does Purple Cloud share?

Purple Cloud only shares with the store your first name, the first letter of your last name and your Facebook public profile picture. We only share this information with your local store after you connect.

Why does Purple Cloud need my email address?

Purple Cloud enables the store to send you an email by creating a purplecloud.net email address for you. You will only receive emails while you have an active conversation with that store.

Wait. I'm confused. Explain the email thing to me again.

Purple Cloud provides you with an anonymous email address. This is similar to how Craigslist lets you email people without them ever knowing your real email address. Each email conversation with a store uses a unique email address for you that only works while you have an active conversation. An active conversation means the time after you connect with the store and before you delete the conversation. You can chat with the store or exchange emails simply by replying to the email sent to you when the chat was started. But the store will never see your real email address. The second you delete a conversation, the store will never be able to email you again.

How do I delete a conversation?

Visit the consumer page of Purple Cloud, select the conversation and click "Delete". You will find the consumer page by clicking here.

Why does Purple Cloud ask for so many Facebook permissions?

Purple Cloud enables a rich conversation between you and the store while maintaining your privacy. The email address is used to forward emails but is never shared. Your location is used to find the closest store but is never shared. Your check-ins and posts are used to determine when you arrive at the store if you choose to check-in when you arrive at the store. Your likes are used to tell the store what products you are interested in if you choose to like a product on their website.

Can I deactivate Purple Cloud and take back those permissions?

Yes. Login to Facebook. Go to "Account settings" in the menu under the gear icon. Click "Apps" in the lefthand column. Click "Show All Apps" if you don't see "Purple Cloud" listed under "Apps you use". Then click the "x" to the right of "Purple Cloud" and click "Remove" in the dialogue. There is no need to check the box "Delete all your Purple Cloud activity on Facebook" because we never post to Facebook but feel free to select this box just in case.

I'm just double-checking. Does Purple Cloud post on my wall?

No, we never ever post on your Facebook wall.

How do I check my messages after I close the window?

You can click the same button to reopen the dialogue to continue where you left off. Or you can visit www.purplecloud.com and click "Sign in consumer" in the "Sign in" menu in the upper righthand corner of the page.

Does Purple Cloud have a mobile app?

Yes! The iPhone apps for businesses and consumers are available now in the App Store and the Android apps will be launched soon.